Dread this…

In 2003 I was involved in Torc Interactive where a games engine called Instinct was developed. You can learn more about the Instinct Engine here.

It was such a fantastic learning experience for me, real deep end stuff for a recent college graduate from BCFE. I started as a Character Artist/Animator and worked my way up to Lead within 2 years.

Something I worked on back in 2005. 64bit dual core PCs were bleeding edge back then. I did all of the character stuff, normal mapping and some animation, as well as miscellaneous world objects. Some of the guys from Instinct went on to form Dark Water Studios. (I worked for Dark Water for a while as Technical Art Manager during pre-production on Dogfighter. Little of my stuff remains in the game though, except for the “allied pilot” character and some title screen art, maybe one level I worked on.)

In 2006 we tried to push what was essentially an indoor engine for corridor based games in a different direction, the world was growing tired of normal mapped sci-fi, so was born The Prospector. I did the character modelling, rigging, animation on top of whatever needed to be done for the world objects, the diffuse and specular textures on the blue Prospector were also mine, the first time I tried my hand at proper texturing.

In 2007 I started work at Brown Bag Films in Dublin where I worked on this among other things:

Edit: Someone over at Brown Bag has posted a cool breakdown

Also this:

And this!


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