Churning ’em out…

While I’m waiting on the final render of my Photofly shell model to finish I’ve been browsing some archives on an old external hard drive. It’s full of test renders and promotional stuff from years ago, I always enjoyed taking low poly game models and seeing how they’d look with some heavy weight Mental Ray or V-Ray lighting behind them. I thought I’d share this one. This scene was hastily constructed from some throwaway world objects from the Prospector demo, you can see the wireframes on the left. Materials consisted of diffuse, specular and normal maps with slight Fresnel reflections on some objects. The highest res texture used was 512×512, with a tiling texture on the ground. I added a directional light for the sun with a projection map to act as a gobo (the tree doesn’t actually exist as a model, just it’s shadow), a blue skylight for ambient/bounce and let GI take care of the rest, adding some ambient occlusion in a separate pass.


~ by petemcnally on June 28, 2011.

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