Day at the museum…

These are some sketches from a notebook from college. One dismal November  day we made a field trip to Dublin’s Natural History Museum to sketch the preserved animals. There is an interesting lustre to the skin on some of the larger animals due to the preservative applied which caught my eye from the balcony above the ground floor where I sketched these fellas.


~ by petemcnally on September 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Day at the museum…”

  1. Morning Pete.
    Always great to see some old work and how you have progressed.
    Is the natural history museum back open? I remember it closed after the stairs collapsed under some teachers back in 2007 or 2008.

  2. Hey Damo, I think they moved a bunch of stuff up to Collin’s barracks or somewhere and called it the Dead Zoo but now it’s open again as far as I know.

    I think it’s good to look back, how ya gonna know where you’re goin’ if you don’t know where you’ve been?! 😉

  3. Golly Pete, these drawings are magnificent. My biggest complaint (grumpy old man me) is that the industry no longer requires people to be able to draw, but frankly, I would not dare show you my old sketch books after seeing these!!

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