Full moon, class dismissed…

This Wednesday evening is the last class in the Mudbox course I’ve been teaching, and we’re looking at some lighting, compositing and presentation techniques. Hopefully my students should at this point have a nicely sculpted and textured werewolf head based on the provided base mesh. I’ve been doing some HDRI lighting tests in Mental Ray and Vray with the occasional pass from the Scanline (fresnel, volume light) and comping/post production in Photoshop.

There is still some further texture work to do and I’d like to add some proper hair in the weeks ahead, I’d also like to extend the model adding neck and shoulders – all depends on that elusive free time!


~ by petemcnally on April 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Full moon, class dismissed…”

  1. Ah they are brilliant Pete. Is it just the hdri you’re using to light them? They look class

    • Thanks Paul, just the probe yeah, a mirrored ball format one from Paul Debevec, Grace Cathedral in San Fran. VRay can interpret these probes directly, which gives nice results!

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