Lunchtime doodles…

All the abstract stuff of late has been fun and all but for the past few lunchbreaks in work I’ve been doing some sculpting and texturing in Mudbox. Starting with the stock base head mesh, which I wouldn’t normally use, I worked up a series of wrinkles and creases on it based on reference collected from Google images. This was a nice, loose exercise and quite a relaxing way to spend an hour in the afternoon and I liked how it progressed so I decided to press on with it and now I plan on taking it back into Max, making some nice SSS shaders for the skin and doing a large stylised moustache on the exaggerated upper lip using Hair and Fur. I got about this far in the first hour:


The above image is a Photoshop composite of a couple of screengrabs straight out of Mudbox, Zdepth, Ambient Occlusion and the raw viewport. After about three hours in total it looked like this:petemcnally_blog_oldskin_WIP2

Despite a head full of mucus from a rotten cold I managed some more work today and this is a breakdown of how it looks now (all passes screengrabbed from the realtime viewport in Mudbox):


I extracted the blue channel of the normal map in Photoshop to screen blend and provide a subtle Fresnel type effect to help with skin oiliness and rim lighting. I didn’t use depth of field in the image below, but I did blend the Z Depth pass over the raw render to slightly burn the skin closer to the camera. Ambient occlusion was turned on in the screen capture from Mudbox. Here are the composited passes in Photoshop:



~ by petemcnally on December 11, 2012.

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  2. Cricky damn fine modelling – but give the guy some Botox (lol) 🙂

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