The Fahan Mura Slab…

On holidays this week on the Inishowen peninsula and on the way back from the beach I  just jumped out of the car very quickly for a look at the Fahan Mura Slab in Fahan, Co. Donegal. From, “The monastic site at Fahan was founded by St Mura in the 6th century. Originally the monastery was known as Othan Mor, but after St Mura’s death became known as Fahan Mura. The main point of interest at this site today is the beautifully decorated 7th century cross slab located in the graveyard. It was generally believed that this cross slab at Fahan Mura was a precursor to the Irish High Crosses, although in recent studies it is suggested the slab may be of a later date.” I took some quick shots on my phone and used Reality Capture to generate a partial mesh, here are the initial results:





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