Winos throwing frisbees at the sun…

BEERCANS! These images are from work done for a drinks company who were testing out consumer reaction to the shapes of new beer bottles. I modelled, textured and rendered the bottles before they were prototyped, these images were for proof of concept that the final images could be detailed enough to print and close to photoreal. You wouldn’t believe how complex it can be to get stuff like this signed off, one of the bottles needed to have beer in it which meant proper IOR for the glass and beer and colours that had to match exact Pantone swatches exactly! Tough when you have a 3D scene with reflections/refractions/highlights/shadows trying to get everything to play nice with swatches from a marketing bible.

The pint glass image is from a poster I did for a local fella in Donegal who was promoting his website and a town festival. It was done in a day and rendered using V-Ray on a Pentium 4 laptop, which took up most of the time as the image was for an A4 print at 300 dpi.



~ by petemcnally on July 18, 2011.

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