Trained tracks…

Following on from my earlier Photofly work I decided to knock out a quick test to see how the model would fare fare when composited onto a live action backplate. I took to the back yard once again on a day that had similar weather and lighting (dull and grey – the Irish summer) and shot some footage handheld on an old JVC Everio camcorder. I chose this over my HD camera because it has a CCD image sensor that eliminates any rolling shutter artifacts, making it more suitable for tracking/matching. The downside is that it records to interlaced mpeg in standard definition, so I took it through virtualDub to remove the interlacing then converted to mp4 for ease of use. Matchmoving was then done in SynthEyes to generate a camera for the 3D scene that would match that of the backplate, I didn’t bother setting up markers or measuring as this was a quick test.

Here is the backplate:

And this is the Photofly tunnel model composited into the shot:

The model just uses the diffuse textures created through photofly with no lighting except for a simple ambient occlusion pass, which hasn’t properly darkened the underside of the model, so it doesn’t fit in perfectly but as a simple test I think it holds up OK. Further work could be done on the model shaders, colour correction and motion blur.


~ by petemcnally on September 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “Trained tracks…”

  1. I think it looks very convincing. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Scott!

  3. Wow, very impressive for a quick test Pete!

    • Cheers Dunc! I was lucky in that the weather (and therefore lighting) on both the day of photofly capture and the day of backplate shooting were very similar so that helped.

  4. I’m stunned. For a first and as you say, quick test, that is close enough to spot the ball…

  5. Yeah, this is really impressive. The tracking is brilliant. I need to set some time aside for Photofly. It looks exciting.

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