Werewolf head update…

Quick update to my werewolf head, tried some basic hair and fur at lunchtime in 3DSMax, added a hot and cold light, then added smoke and colour corrected in Photoshop. The students seemed to enjoy working on their versions at yesterday’s class, I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce over the next two sessions.


~ by petemcnally on March 29, 2012.

11 Responses to “Werewolf head update…”

  1. That looks sick Pete! Really like how the whole piece comes together 🙂 If this was a cutscene in a game, pretty sure I’d shit meself XD

    Rock N’ Roll.

  2. Looks really incredible Pete. The effects all compliment the piece really well. If this was a cutscene in a game, I’m pretty sure I’d jump outta my skin, ha ha.

  3. Thanks very much Paddy, I also plan on doing a real-time version but that will have to be at the very end. Thanks again.

  4. Reminds me of the John Landau (that’s the American Werewolf in London bloke, aye?) vision of the werewolf.
    Also reminds me of a cracker idea a bloke had for a game when I worked in a place called Drumhaggart.

    • Forgot to say it’s cracker looking.

    • Heh yeah, I still have the design doc for it, may yet see the light of day! A minor correction, it was John Landis and it is heavily referenced from that movie’s werewolf. My favourite werewolf, actually, and my love for 80s horror movies is hopefully evident from the smoke and bloom effects!

  5. That looks a bit like myself on some early mornings. Lovely work, Pete!

  6. Looks sweet Pete!

  7. Hi,
    it’s Tyler Lynch from the course i forgot your email, is there a lesson this wendsday?

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