Art Decking…

It’s Art Deco week on the Irish Sketch Society so I knocked together a few images. The statue is inspired by the production design of Anton Furst’s Gotham in Tim Burton’s Batman, a huge metal entity that could support an elevated road or railway. The image below is based off the usual screengabs from Mudbox’s tasty viewport at 2x screen size after sculpting and a quick texture projection, then composited and resized in Photoshop. The viewport background was also replaced with those clouds and the searchlight beam added to the foreground.


The next image is a shot of the hooded cloak covering the statue from the image above. I ran some cloth sim in Max to drape some garments over the body but it was eating up too much time trying to get it right, so I optimised the mesh and added some greeble for fast detail. You can’t see the cloth in this image but I’ll post the full render soon. Rendered in VRay with a daylight system (no GI) and composited in Photoshop. I really like Art Deco so working on this one was nothing but fun!



~ by petemcnally on May 24, 2013.

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  1. Real nice pete

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