Out with the Old…

The first post of 2014, again, inspired by the current theme set by the Irish Sketch Society, “Old Fashioned Portraits”. The image of a hooded figure was influenced by the spirit photography popular in the late 19th century and also by early ghost photos- something about the ever present hooded figures in robes always gives me the chills. I had been experimenting with Vray fur and used it here to add some extra shagginess to the hood and robes, which I had draped using cloth in 3DSMax. There is very little detail in the face area, what features are there are largely painted in using Photoshop, where I also blurred detail and layered up the wear and tear.





~ by petemcnally on January 13, 2014.

3 Responses to “Out with the Old…”

  1. Looks like a dog in there. The cloth is excellent, a great use of fur – very convincing result, if a little too tangible to be ghostly. I like the reflection a lot, and the general broken down effect. All cool work, as ever. When do we go for that beer?

  2. Ha! It does look like a dog! I’ll try to get out this week or next for a jar

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