Knight Week…

“Knights” are the subject of this week’s Irish Sketch Society and this is my submission. It’s a quirky, slightly awkward kid wearing an oversized morion (helmet) with chain mail head and glove armour. I’m not sure the image reads as clearly as I wanted it to, I hope it’s clear that those are hands resting on a sword or axe hilt in the foreground! Base mesh from 3dsmax, sculpt work in Mudbox, rendered in V-ray with colour correction in Photoshop, the whole thing took about 6 hours.



A little more saturation and 2D post processing…



~ by petemcnally on April 9, 2014.

4 Responses to “Knight Week…”

  1. Hi Pete, Great works you have here on your blog. Is there a way I can contact you? I would like to ask you some quetions if you have the time. Thanks, Gus

  2. Ok. Thanks. Maybe it’s not to best place to write this, but just burn(delete) after reading I guess…

    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Gus and I moved from Hungary/Budapest to Ireland about a year ago. I saw that your usually very active on forums and contributing a lot with the community. That’s why I thought you would be the right person to ask for advice.

    Might be a bit of strange question – but is there a 3D scene in Dublin? I would love to get involved but to be honest I don’t really know anyone here and not sure what events or maybe clubs are available.
    Also if you have the time please take a look at my 3D works at my personal blog: (and also some of my older stuff at: These are projects I’m working on my limited free time. It would be great to hear your feedback.

  3. Gus, rather than publish your contact details here I’ve mailed you directly, check your inbox!

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