What Big Teeth…

I was looking through the back catalog for some models to 3D print and came across this lad. It looked a bit bland and considering the time it takes to print I thought I’d model a hood and make it an homage to Little Red Riding Hood. After much mesh editing I couldn’t quite get the cloth thick enough to print without making huge compromises to the model so I said I’d render it off instead and call the experience a learning process. Here it is rendered in V-Ray:


I was setting up the scene in V-Ray for a nice turntable movie, but for speed instead I took it into Marmoset Toolbag 2 and set up some quick materials  and ran off a clip from it, which you can see here:


~ by petemcnally on April 11, 2015.

2 Responses to “What Big Teeth…”

  1. Gissa kiss, Red!!

  2. Careful now!

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