Four more years…

WordPress tells me it’s my 4 year blogging anniversary! I can’t let that go by without marking it with some content, as has been the trend of late, some more 3D prints. This first one you may recognise from this post, although the fine wires of his beard hair would have proved impossible to print so I opted for a chunkier, swirled hair effect that would print more reliably. The print is quite small, about 7cm tall, so I was impressed at how the printer handled the fine detail and as usual I’d like to come back and refine the model to print again larger and at higher resolution. I’m reminded of Victorian horror when I look at him, I think a top hat and Inverness coat could suit him well, I’ve called him “Dr. Jekyll” for obvious reasons.


I was in work last Saturday and the printer was free so I checked the archives to see if I had any personal work I could stick on. I found the Mudbox file of this guy and it looked like it could be pretty much ready to go as it was. It printed very nicely, it is more or less wedge shaped with a thick base which tapered upwards towards the nose, so it didn’t require any support structure or clean up afterwards. I also printed a separate mask but it didn’t fit well and was very thin, in hindsight it would have been better to combine the models and print as one. Anyway, that’s that and here’s to another 4 years!



~ by petemcnally on June 16, 2015.

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