AI for fast idea generation

Tumbleweeds here! Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with Wombo Dream lately on my phone for some AI assisted art creation. In this collage, I used an unfinished mech image (left) as an input, and then mutated it in Wombo with various styles and text phrases. I think it’s a really useful way of generating ideas quickly, even from abandoned or unfinished work, and I’m excited about learning ways to control and influence the outcome more directly. (I’ve signed up for the more impressive ones, like Midjourney and Dall-E and if anyone knows a way to get up the list, let me know!)

Left: Input image Right: Wombo Dream mutations

A similar setup, you can see the text prompts here, combined with a built-in style and a source image of my own


~ by petemcnally on May 19, 2022.

3 Responses to “AI for fast idea generation”

  1. Cool 🙂 ! You may have already seen this, Neil Blevins blog has some very cool AI ; And, Thank You! (and he might know of a way to get up the list?)

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