Oul characters…

Some more characters from the archives. renders from 3DSMax and Scanline/Mental Ray. These guys really show how powerful normal maps can be in altering the look of a low poly model. All of these game models were used in promotional print material, and the Prospector once adorned the cover of Develop magazine. The merc character had about 1,200 polygons with about 300 for the weapon, styled on an M4 Carbine. The super soldier character had about 2,500 while the Prospector robot had about 12,000 – each reflecting the graphics hardware abilities of the day (2004-2006).

Ryan Magee did the diffuse and specular textures for the merc character, you can see more of his work here

Brian Mc Laughlin did the original textures for the super soldier character, which I reworked for the promotional renders.


~ by petemcnally on July 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Oul characters…”

  1. Cool stuff Pete, keep it coming. The robot is cool…tres steampunk!

  2. Thanks Cian, I hope to unearth a lot of old stuff that has never been seen! The robot was designed by Brian Mc Laughlin and we iterated many times to get to that look. Brian also did a red diffuse and specular texture for him, but not the ones in that post, those textures are mine (will post the red one up soon)

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