Fully Loaded…

More guns! Top row is a high poly version of a Special Forces pump-action shotgun used to generate the normal maps and base textures for the player character’s weapon in Dreadnought. The “Heavy Merc” characters also carried these bad boys and combined with heavier body armour provided quite a challenge towards the game’s end, you can see one about to open fire below.

You can also see the same shotgun in the player character’s hands with an added fold-out stock on the top. This was added for cosmetic reasons, as the shotgun silhouette in first person mode wasn’t beefy enough to represent the additional power of the weapon. Wear and tear detailing was added to the diffuse and specular maps to make the shotgun feel more like an “old familiar” weapon that had triumphed in many gunfights, rather than a new firearm recently unboxed. These images are modelled and rendered in 3DSMax with the scanline renderer and DOF hacked in using Photoshop.

Bottom row is a sniper rifle I modelled in my spare time that I had hoped to shoehorn in somehow, it never got past high poly stage though. I think I have the 3dsmax files somewhere so I may go back and fashion a low poly version with textures, although there is little in the way of interesting detail apart from the stock, which attracted me to that particular weapon in the first place. These images were modelled in 3DSMax and rendered in Mental Ray with DOF and grading in Photoshop.


~ by petemcnally on July 21, 2011.

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  1. very nice

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