Chocks Away…

This is a seldom seen character from the game Dogfighter by Dark Water Studios, the “Allied Pilot.” Actually, he’s in every plane on the Allied team but when playing you never get to see any more than the back of his head. The high poly version of this character was modelled in 3DSMax and with further detailing in ZBrush by one of the most talented artists I know, Men Lu who is currently working for Media Molecule, creators of the awesome Little Big Planet on PS3. The low poly version, which I modelled and textured,  ended up chopped off at the waist and even had the rig removed from what I remember, the planes became the stars of the show with the pilots just being there for detail. The oldie looking image was a mess around one friday afternoon 🙂


~ by petemcnally on July 29, 2011.

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