Some look development/promotional work for an early draft of an abandoned game pitch. The plot revolved around the terraforming of a remote and desolate planet. The monolithic structure in the background was a massive terraforming space ship that carried tens of thousands of crew. This planet would prove to be the catalyst for a ferocious war between competing terraforming corporations and an unseen indigenous threat…

The landscape was modelled to use in some skybox cubemaps so it was easy to drop in the ship model and belt out some renders.  Modelled/rendered in 3DSMax (scanline) with post effects in Photoshop. The barren landscape was textured procedurally with Simbiont from Darktree. (Epic lens flare is from Video Post in Max 😉 )

Far right image is the same planet post terraformation. Landscape generated in Terragen and rendered in Brazil RS.


~ by petemcnally on August 3, 2011.

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