Mudbox nights…

I mentioned in the last post that I have started to teach an evening class in the Irish School of Animation at BCFE. The last few classes had been kinda theory heavy, image bit depths for displacement maps and the differences between map types and whatnot so I really wanted to get the students back to hands-on sculpting this week, which is the most important part – finding a workflow technique that suits the artist’s own artistic style. I provided a base mesh, reference and textures plus some tips so that the students could hit the ground running in the limited time we have each week. In preparation I created 2 sculpts based on the same base mesh and textured them differently. Admittedly the black boot below took me about 4 hours as I had to create the base mesh and gather reference and didn’t “finish” it fully but the brown boot was created in less than 3. I have boosted the specular highlights in these real-time viewport renders grabbed straight from 3DSmax, the hardware shaders are composed of diffuse, specular and bump maps only, all 4k and painted in Mudbox.

Best viewed fullscreen at 720p


~ by petemcnally on March 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Mudbox nights…”

  1. Lovely work Pete. Time to open Mudbox again and see if I can get within, say, 10% of this quality 😉

    That’s some lucky students to have you teaching them.

  2. that’s some nice boot.
    c’mere, getting me lappy on Monday and I want to get organized with ye for some madness in the feilds. WHAT SAY YOU?

    (the boot reminded me to ask… the boot knows all)

  3. Lovely boots – great modelling and rendering!
    Ps thanks for following my sites!

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