Prometheus inspired…

If you are a visual artist of any description you should go and see Prometheus, it is a stunning looking film. I’ve been struck by the world of Ridley Scott’s Alien, especially the “Space Jockey” or “Engineer” characters and I have been messing around with a Mudbox sculpt for a tutorial I’m working on. I was testing some texture work and turned the early results into a piece of fan art.


~ by petemcnally on July 2, 2012.

6 Responses to “Prometheus inspired…”

  1. Seeing it tomorrow 🙂
    I have a book signed by H.R.Giger right beside me.
    As always wickedly awesome work Pete.

  2. Brilliant work!

  3. Thank you kindly guys, looking forward to sharing some more of it as it gets done

  4. So much to learn – so much to learn!!! (Me that is)!

  5. Lovely work as always. You should be in movies by now. Go to Windmill Lane, they have a new VFX department, and it is growing. They must surely take you on!!

  6. You’re very kind Rory, hope all is well with you

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