Look again…

I’ve been experimenting this past week with doing some non-photorealistic look development work in 3DSMax. I’ve been using simple materials, geometry and processes to try and create more complex organic shapes and playing with colours to make up some cartoony landscapes. No hand-painted textures have been used in these images, nor have I used photographs. I’m preparing a blog post to be stuck up soon detailing the techniques involved, here are some results:


~ by petemcnally on November 22, 2012.

8 Responses to “Look again…”

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  2. very nice colours !

  3. Interesting work! If you don’t mind me asking, will all the pictures have a somewhat repetitive background like these or your technique allows for more diversity?

    • Hi Pedro, by background do you mean the sky or the arrangement of the models? These images were put together very quickly, there is just one model in the scene, rotated slightly to add some visual interest. of course each one could be modelled individually for further variety, I just don’t have the time at the moment!

  4. This is gorgeous. Did you ever post a techniques bit? I’d love to know how…

  5. By now it’s safe to say that the tutorial is definitely not coming hahahaha
    Love your work!

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