Out of the virtual…

I’ve had this model knocking around for ages, I’ve overused it on this blog but we got a 3D printer in work and I thought I’d run it off, see how it would fare. The print software flagged some potential issues with the nose and eyebrows, possibly too much overhang for the printer to cope with sufficiently so I added some support structures to help fidelity.jokermodel

I just ran with the printer defaults, this was a much a learning process as anything.

Start and end of the print, support struts are still attached at this point



End result with struts removed, a little rough around the edges, and the tip of the nose is lost but I’m happy with it for a first print.





~ by petemcnally on April 1, 2015.

3 Responses to “Out of the virtual…”

  1. That’s pretty good. How much can you sculpt/clean up the plastic, with a Dremel or hand tools? And you have to get the nose!!

  2. Hi Rory, most of the artifacts are caused by the removal (by pliers) of the support struts, on a print like this you can sand and file as much as you need to. I’m told model paints work well too.

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