Adventures with Ultimaker…

I’ve been experimenting a lot with the Ultimaker 2 in work, hopping on whenever it’s free to try out various models that I *thought* wouldn’t require much conforming. Some of them can take a while to clean up, make watertight, remove self-intersections, thicken areas that are too thin – basically make STL compliant. The results haven’t been perfect but I’m learning as I go, might even get around to trying some model painting sometime soon.


The wolves are a version of the model from the last post, one was printed before the hood was added. Unfortunately the bonnet had to be solidified and in places was too thin to print and the head had to be booleaned into it, less than ideal and it printed quite raggedy in places. The batarang was pretty quick to model, built in two parts with a hinge in the middle to allow folding, but due to some of the overhangs in the bevels, it only printed well on one side.



~ by petemcnally on April 28, 2015.

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