Fake Plastic Men…

I missed out on a blog post in May,  I took a holiday to Italy and have been busy with other stuff. I did get to some more 3D printing, some of it more successful than other attempts. First up was a revised version of my Joker fan art, this time a more substantial piece with further hair detailing and a proper torso modelled, his trademark purple suit from Batman: The Animated Series. Unfortunately due to some bad booleans, the printer left out his collar, bowtie and lapels, leaving a rather gruesome looking scar across his neck, like the memento of some failed assassination attempt at Arkham Asylum.


I decided I’d try for something a little more elaborate than the suit and started researching straightjackets, one of which I created in Marvelous Designer over a rough pose of the stock male body model from Mudbox. I worked over it in ZBrush to create some deeper folds and seams and after some remeshing and decimation it was ready to hit the Ultimaker, here is the result…

petemcnally_blog_joker_print05 petemcnally_blog_joker_print04 petemcnally_blog_joker_print03

I’ve never been much good at painting, but I’ve acquired a compressor and airbrush set, all I need now is some free time to try and paint up the print.


~ by petemcnally on June 7, 2015.

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