Pixelled out…

This is the last of the pixel art for a while. Probably! Here’s the scene setup for my Sword and Sworcery tribute – simple studio style backdrop, a VRay dome light and an area light for illumination. Each box outlined in red represents a pixel, and there is a slight bevel on the front faces to catch the light. I used a cool little app called PIX3LED with a shout out to this guy and this guy who made it, that converts a pixel art gif into 3d geometry then lit and rendered the scene in VRay.petemcnally_pixel_art-02setup


The image below was a quick mess around at lunchtime in work based off a Deadpool sculpt I had been working on previously, although you couldn’t tell from the final render.



~ by petemcnally on October 7, 2013.

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