Lately I’ve been looking at SketchFab and Marmoset Viewer as a means of displaying models in real-time. Both have their strengths, Marmoset allows a really nice split screen view of the various textures that comprise the material, while SketchFab currently allows more post-processing than Marmoset, which is also cool, and I love that the viewers work on mobile too.

I’ve also been doing some more 3D printing, further testing what I can get away with on the Ultimaker in terms of structure and resolution. Here, I kitbashed a quadrupedal mech from a robotic leg I was working on before, it turned out OK considering how brutal the booleans were (thanks Zbrush!).

It required a lot of supports, generated in Meshmixer and these were tricky to remove safely due to the finer mesh details, in fact I wasn’t sure it had printed at all given the mess of exterior supports.



Here’s the print:




~ by petemcnally on July 8, 2015.

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