Metal underfoot…

I made this manhole cover material from a photograph taken on my phone on the way to work one day, with the intention of extracting enough info from it to populate a full PBR material. I was considering setting something similar as an assignment for my students, so I needed to be sure it could be done, and done fairly quickly. I modelled the L-shaped studs to try and get rid of the noise created by the usual image to normal map issues, but otherwise the material was created by manipulating the original photograph in Photoshop. Check out the real-time Sketchfab version in the last image.

Also couldn’t let this day go by without a shout out to Chris Cornell, who provided the soundtrack to the creation so much of my art, RIP.




~ by petemcnally on May 18, 2017.

2 Responses to “Metal underfoot…”

  1. Do I take it you only modelled the L shapes? In which case, you got some great results from the lettering and other embossed shapes. I notice in Sketchfab it is a very shallow profile. Is this a limitation of the PBR shader, the Sketchfab viewing window, or could the shapes be much taller in profile? In any case, these 3D models from photos are facinating. Presumably someone is working on a click-and-play procedural for shooting auto-3D photos on your own iPhone. Or is it already there?! What times we live in!!

    • Hey Rory, yes just the L shapes were modelled, but these are not present in the sketchfab model, I just used them for the normal map. That’s why it looks so flat, the geometry is a simple flat plane, the only definition comes through the textures.

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